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Dr. Gregor Lowrey, C.E.M.

Wholistic Practioner and Counselor

Come In and Get Well!


Dr. Lowrey treats:

Chronic Physical and Emotional Disability

Offering energy treatment to restore the structure and function of the body

Individual and family/marriage counseling to restore emotional balance

Education in proper diet and nutrition to maintain future good health and happiness

At my office located in the heart of historic downtown Lehi, Utah, I practice a technique called Cellular Energy Modulation  (C.E.M.) allowing patients to enjoy vibrant health and recovery from debilitating illness. 

Your body has the innate ability to heal itself if you will allow it to cleanse and energetically balance.

Toxic cells are the primary cause of disease – when your cells are healthy, your whole body is healthy.

C.E.M. is a non-force, non-invasive energy healing technique that allows the body to release toxic materials that inhibit normal cell function

By using your body’s own energy, we are able to modulate the energetic interchange between cell groupings, allowing detoxification and healing of all body systems.

Because only your body’s own energy is used, there is no danger of overdose or over-stimulating the system.  This gentle but powerful healing technique is safe and effective.

I also encourage the use of cleansing herbs, toxin-free foods and pure water to nourish and strengthen the body starting at the cellular level.

Whole Life Health Center offers only the most natural and effective products and services to help restore and maintain optimum health. 

My invitation - Come In and Get Well.

Patients are seen by appointment.

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